Stamp Forgeries: Hungary Occupation 1919, Ukraine Tridents 1918, Armenia, 1919-1921.

I previously wrote an e-book Forgeries of Common Stamps after World War I: Eastern Front, Balkans, Caucasus about how to detect the most obvious forgeries for the stamp collector of modest means. This leads to eBay, the most central location of the common stamp market. Here, I return to consider the cases I found most difficult.

Why does WWI seem special? It is because powerful kings and emperors ceased to exist forever in Europe after two thousand years. For a brief decade, it looked as though a bright new modern world might emerge, but the Communists and the Fascists destroyed it and set up another world war, followed by the Cold War.

Just before WWI, governments discovered they could place their messages on stamps. The stamps described here all came from new entities, vigorously proclaiming

“We’re here.”

For the stamp-oriented history of the two decades following WWI, see my e-book Chaos and Identity.

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